Monday, April 14, 2008

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse snowdome

Picture borrowed from Ebay. These have been appearing on ebay for some time now and I've been trying to find out where they come from. I finally decided to buy one and recieved it today. I'm disappointed in the snowdome itself because the one I recieved has a huge air bubble in it with no way to restore the water. You can see a plug inside on the floor of the dome but it appears that once the water was put in it was then glued into the base. The front decal is also missing some snowflake details. The box says colors may vary but I've only seen them in red on ebay. The box is very colorful and I think I like it better then the snowdome. Unfortunately the seller taped his thank you note to the box and I was unable to remove the tape without damaging the box. Mission accomplished, however. The snowdome was made in 2007 by Brass-Key Keepsakes for Barnes & Noble. The original price was $3.95.

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